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Six Unbeatable Research Tips

Six Unbeatable Research Tips Whether you’re starting in a library, a computer lab, or at home, there are certain how to make research guidelines you should follow. These guidelines are in place to make your life easier. As we said before, the more you participate in the research step, the more prepared you are to write a rough draft. 1. Use government and official websites This means â€Å".org† and â€Å".gov†. If you use a â€Å".com† website, you need to have proof that it holds valid information. Anyone can create a â€Å".com† address through WordPress, Weebly, or another platform for just twenty dollars a year. This hardly makes them reputable websites. While there are exceptions (you can always search for â€Å"authority† websites such as the New York Times or USA Today), â€Å".com† addresses are generally unacceptable for research papers and essay purposes. The same isn’t true for books. We don’t have a valid screening process for information found in printed media. One can argue that the cover of a book and the quality of its contents can probably speak to its accuracy, but it can’t be proven entirely. It also takes far less work to obtain a website address than it does to obtain a book. For this reason, professors are often harder on website URLs and their accuracy than the accuracy of published books. Also, never ever use Wikipedia for research projects or essays. Anyone can change the contents of a Wikipedia page, as long as they are familiar with the platform. Don’t fall into that trap. Your professor won’t accept it. 2. Record information and quotes as you find them Never write down a source without a specific quote that you want to use. If there’s more than one, make multiple references to that source. Organize this information on a separate document – or, more usefully, on index cards that can be easily rearranged. Number the index cards or mark them with a symbol. This symbol can mean that the index cards cover a certain subtopic (for example, a star might represent Barrack Obama during the 2008 election while a carrot might represent Hillary Clinton). It can also represent the paragraph of your essay in which the quote on the index card belongs. This system of reference will help you organize your paper before you begin the academic writing process. Also, keep in mind that you should write all of the information needed for a bibliography citation on the index card or document. This will avoid a second trip to the library. It will also ensure that you don’t have to drag any books or reference materials home. By the time you leave, you should have everything you need.

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Sylvia Plath, Andrew Marvell, Emily Dickinson & Mark Twain - 1650 Words

Literary History: Sylvia Plath, Andrew Marvell, Emily Dickinson and Mark Twain (Other (Not Listed) Sample) Content: Students Name:Professor Name:Course Number:Paperà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s Date:BiographyThe essay seeks to explore the biography of four writers namely Sylvia Plath, Andrew Marvell, Emily Dickinson and Mark Twain acknowledged in literary history.The War Prayer by Mark Twain Samuel Langhorne Clemens, also known as Mark Twain, was an American writer born in November 30, 1835 in Florida, Missouri. His father was called John Marshall and Jane Lampton was his mother. Most people regard Mark Twain as the father of American Literature. Some of his famous works (Kaplan, 2005) are the adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry. Some other works of Mark Twain include; The Stolen White Elephant (1882), A Tramp Abroad (1880), and Life on the Mississippi (1883). Twain works explore realism style through exploration of nature, love and war issues. Twain was against oppression of any kind in his works. Mark Twain died in April 21, 1910. The War Prayer is a prose poem written by Mark Twain during t he Spanish-American War. The war influenced Mark to write a poem that was published later. His family and publisher refused its publication because of its lunatic ideas (Kaplan, 2005). It was until 1916 the Harper Monthly issue published it during the World War I with the aim of disapproving the background of the war. The poem is about soldiers of an unnamed country preparing to go for war. Fellow countrymen especially Christians are described praying for the soldierà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s victory (VanWyck 1920). As they were praying, an old man came in saying that there is a part that they are omitting in the prayers. The part was that of asking God to bring destruction to their enemies. The man was trying to make the point that one's blessings can be your neighbors curse. In this poem victory, in the war is a blessing to the soldiers, but a curse to the soldiers who will die. Some aspects of this poem such as its ethical ethos for patriotism and unity during a war excited me most. In the fir st and second stanza Mark describes how lovers, sisters, brothers, fathers and mothers are gathered together to glorify the soldiers and pray for their victory. In this country, the poet portrays all members as patriotic and unified to bring peace to their country. Secondly, the style of rhetorical questioning used by the poet is thrilling. The style provokes the reader to think diversely about the themes portrayed by the poet. Finally, the poem is balanced in both the pessimistic and lunatic views. The first and second stanza is optimistically in favor of the use of religion as a tool of victory in the war. However the last stanza brings the lunatic views of oneà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s blessings are another personà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s curses. Although one may consider the lunatic ideas, religion is fundamental in humanà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s life. On the other hand, the weakness of the poem lies in the skeptics used towards religion. In the poem, Christian prayers are painted as instruments of enemyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s d estruction. Christian believes that God is not a respecter of persons. God is fair and just to all and will not grant a person what will harm another. The poem lunatic base is profane according Christianity believes. In conclusion, the poem can be changed in the following ways to make it more appealing. The country under description should be given a name that is symbolic to the themes presented in the poem. In addition, a direct diction style should replace the prose descriptive style to help the reader of the poem to directly identify the purpose of the poem. Mark used a poor writing style that was not reference to the poetic genre. A poem should use short stanzas and short, direct rhythmical lines. Thus, one finds it hard to identify the purpose of the poet at first instance of reading his poem.Because I could not stop for Death by Emily Dickinson Emily Dickinson was an American poet born in 1830 in Massachusetts. Her father was Edward Dickinson and Emily Norcross was the mother. 'Because I could not stop for Death' was Emily's famous poem (Frank 2000) published after her death. Some other famous poems of Emily include; Ià ¢Ã¢â€š ¬m nobody! Who are you? I dreaded that first Robin, A bird came down the walk, I had no time to hate because and A little road not made of man. Most of her writings explored the themes of nature, life and death. Emily died in 1886 after a long period living a life of seclusion. à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‹Å"Because I could not stop for Deathà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ poem was published after she died. In the poem, the persona was too busy and involved in the life activities that she did not have time for death. However death just like a gentleman so civilized and kind came to escort her to her eternity in a horse carriage. The lady had died million years ago, but the memories of how death was so kind to take her to immortality were memories alive as those of one day (Frank, 2000). She remembers how they passed through children playing in a ring, grain fields a nd the setting of the sun to her so called à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‹Å"houseà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ or the grave. The poet uses the persona to express the kindness of death thus ità ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s not something to be feared. This is ironical because in reality people are afraid of death. The strength of the poem lies in its richness of the stylistic devices. The poem personifies death as a kind person who leads its subjects to eternity. The poet describes death with words such as civilized and pronouns such as he and his used for persons. Secondly, the writer uses metaphor exhaustively. The passing through children playing, fields of grazing grain and setting of the sun is a symbol of the transition from childhood to life after death. Third, repetition and alliteration are also used in stanza three in the words à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‹Å"We passedà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ and Grazing Grain to bring emphasis of life tiring routine events. Emphasis is also brought out by the use of capitalization and dashes to encourage longer pauses duri ng reading. Additionally, the poet used the house as a metaphor to represent the personaà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s grave. Finally, the poet uses direct language and style that make the poem easy to read and understand. The poem can be recommended as the most suitable class teaching aid in an English lesson of stylistic devices. Unfortunately the poem presents death as a trivial and lighthearted topic. In reality, death is something to be afraid of because ità ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s a reaper. After all, it comes undetected by its subjects. It takes away when it pleases even if the subject has not attained their purpose in life. Death is a reaper because it takes away infants and the innocent. It takes away loved ones, how is that kindness? Of course, this is the cruelty of death. In conclusion, the representation of death as a gentleman should be changed representing it as a cruel reaper. The poet should use a critical tone to disapprove the personaà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s ideas about death. After all no one is sure if life after death is cruel or kind. Whether as an escort to eternity or a part of mortality, death is a reaper in my own view.To his Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell Andrew was a metaphysical poet born in 1621 in Winestead-in-Holderness. Andrew's famous works include (Lee, 2008); A Dialogue between the Soul and Body and A Dialogue between Thyrsis and Dorinda. Andrewà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s works explored the themes of love, death and nature. He died in 1678. In the poem à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‹Å"To his Coy Mistress,' the poet uses a persona who want his mistress to give up her coyness because time and space limit them. The persona says that if they had enough time in the world, the mistress coyness is not a crime in the first stanza. However, in the second stanza he expresses that the space limits time and life are short, but death is forever. Thus if the mistress does not give up he coyness the worms will prey on her virginity upon death in the grave (Lee, 2008). The third stanza, therefore, summarizes how the persona advices the mistress to let them pursue their pleasure and love through sex before time pursues them. In this poem, I liked how the poet logically arranges his ideas in a chronological manner from if time was there (stanza1), to but it is not there and finally (stanza2), therefore, we should pursue it ( stanza3).Secondly, the poet sufficiently used metaphors such as a vegetable as a symbol ...

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The Health Care System Of Canada - 841 Words

The health care system of Canada practices federalism (Makarenko,2010). Federalism means the government has the power to enforce laws from the entire nation (Holz, 2013). Canada selected a universal health care insurance plan for all Canadians and immigrants. The government regulates the Medical system of Canada and funded by personal income tax, corporate income tax, sales tax, and from lottery proceeds (Candian Health Care,2008). The Canadian federal and provincial levels of government have their jurisdiction of law affecting the public (Makarenko,2010). The provincial government has a large authority governing the financing and health care delivery services to the Canadians. Although the Canadian provincial government controls the health care system, the federal government has the power to authorize in funding the system. The federal government has a list of criteria that the Canadian provincial government must adhere to receive the yearly federal funds (Makarenko, 2010). Canada has ten provinces; each province established its health care system. Canada has the health care delivery system of each region; each sector developed various roles in providing and funding the health care services (Makarenko,2010). The elements of Canadian health care delivery insurance Public health insurance- the health insurance is provided and controlled by the provincial government, and financially funded from the income tax, or cash contribution (Makarenko, 2010). The public healthShow MoreRelatedHealth Care Systems Of Canada908 Words   |  4 Pages Health Care Systems Health care in the United States has been an ongoing dispute and a major concern to all involved from the provider to the consumer. There have been other countries who have a demonstrated success in providing better health care practices at an economical cost for providers and consumers. Currently the United States spends more per person on health care comparatively speaking to other countries. Perhaps taking a looking at what has worked for other counties and their currentRead MoreThe Health Care System Of Canada1460 Words   |  6 Pagesloves Canada, one of the main reasons will usually include the free health care. The health care system is one aspect of Canada that makes citizens patriotic and proud and makes those from other countries, like the United States, a bit envious. All around the world, Canada is known to have a reputation for the great healthcare and free health care policy. With such a wonderful system, it is hard to believe that the mental health care system is s ubpar compared to all other aspects of the health careRead MoreCanada s Health Care System931 Words   |  4 PagesMaintaining the health of the nation is one of the priorities of societies throughout the world. Canada s health care system is an essential value for Canadians because it provides them equal rights when getting access to government-funded medical care. However, the system is a subject to severe criticism. A variety of factors, such as technological development, an aging population, and economic climate are a heavy burden on the health care budget. This, in turn, leads to limitation of certain typesRead MoreCanada s Health Care System973 Words   |  4 PagesCanada’s health care system is one that formed in the 1950s and 60s, also known as Medicare. It is a system that Canada as a nation often takes pride in, as it is predominantly public with basic health care is available to all citizens, and has some aspects of the private system incorporated as well. Health care often occurs in terms that compare public versus private health care systems. After a thorough analysis of private health care associated with neo-conservatism, and public health care associatedRead MoreCanada s Health Care System1656 Words   |  7 Pagescomplete health care system is an important symbol to illustrate its peace and well development. Canada s health care system is considered as one of the best health care systems in the world. This system based on the people- oriented medical insurance concept. The starting point is to cure the sickness and to save the patient, regardless of their economic capacity. Also the Medical insurance has a lifetime effect and is completely transferred with person’s place of residence. Because Canada carriedRead MoreCanada Governments Health Care System1125 Words   |  5 PagesCanada government allowed change to the privatization health care system to citizens Every countries’ governments seek to deliver high quality health care and reasonable cost to all citizens. However, all nations have not equality health care service and reasonable cost. Canada government provides equality health care services and public facilities to the citizens. However, Canada Health Care System has been the subject of controversies compared to the United States Health Care System. Some peopleRead MoreCanada s Health Care System2023 Words   |  9 Pagesknow that Canada has a universal health, but they don’t fully understand the aspects of their health care system and how it works for them. Canada’s health care system is based around the Canada Health Act and aims to provide care for all medical necessary health services. With it being a universal health system it allow all citizens access to health care and that also means that it is publicly funded system. There has been many challenges that Canada has faces with the universal health syste m, but areRead MoreCanada s Health Care System3104 Words   |  13 PagesIntroduction When health care is the case, the majority refers to Canada as a country with good health care. Canada might have free health care but this doesn’t mean that it serves its purpose without any flaws. As we all know some countries are well known all around the world for their health care system. Specifically talking about Canada’s health care system, there are many pros and cons that go with it. There are minor problems concerning health care, but for now we will talk about the major onesRead MoreCanada s Health Care System2214 Words   |  9 PagesCanada has a publicly funded universal health care system in which accessibility to medical services for all eligible residents is guaranteed? The delivery of health care in Canada is regulated by the Canada Health Act, which requires that all insured persons have access to health services without having to pay a fee per use of a service. Canadians and Permanent Residents of Canada are covered by a provincial health plan in th e province in which they reside; as such, Ontarians are insured and coveredRead MoreThe Canada s Health Care System Essay1764 Words   |  8 PagesCanada’s health care system is very interesting in the fact that it is government-funded and individuals are provided preventative care, medical treatments, dental surgery and other medical services with few exceptions. All citizens qualify for health coverage regardless of medical history, personal income or their standard of living. Medicare is Canada is a government funded universal health insurance established by legislation passed in 1957, 1966, and 1984. The Canadian healthcare system evolved

Chaucer s Canterbury Tales Features Of Grammar - 851 Words

Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales demonstrates features of grammar, phonology and etymology and how these features have changed or not changed as the language has evolved. The patterns of commonalities in grammar can be described as similarities or dissimilarities in sentence structure. The models of phonology are places where sounds remain the same up through Modern English. The examples of etymology are when the origin among words can be connected to the words Modern definition. There are also examples of words whose etymology remains the same, but the definition has changed. There are relationships between Middle English and Modern English grammar. These are cohesive structures; the ways that sentences are built; the noun, verb, etc order. There are many cases of shared features in grammar as demonstrated in the lines listed. 1 Whan that Aprill, with his shoures soote - When in April the sweet showers fall Upon first reading, the masculine seems to refer to the â€Å"shoures soote† so that must be something belonging to an unknown him. In most languages descendent from Latin a modifier comes after its subject. Since Latin was still very influential in Chaucer’s time, it’s reasonable to assume that’s why this subject and modifier are in this order. 16 Of Engelond, to Caunterbury they wende, - Of England they to Canterbury went, Did Chaucer mean to indicate these are people of England or are they going from England? To say the sentence â€Å"From England...† makes it moreShow MoreRelated The Tale of Youth1709 Words   |  7 PagesThe Tale of Youth Chaucer’s Squire’s tale has often been disregarded by critics as fragmentary, incoherent, and â€Å"a rambling narrative.† (Lawton 106) These characteristics shed a malevolent light on the tale, and raise questions on the unfinished status in the Canterbury Tales. The argument presents itself due to the interruption of the narrative by the Franklin leaving it without the ending, which has been foreshadowed earlier in the tale. The answer to this enigma is â€Å"pure speculation.† (Lawton

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Essay on Diversity...What Is That - 655 Words

What is diversity? Diversity is when you have a group of different races and cultures come together in one setting. I think that diversity is something that everyone should be introduced to at some point of his or her life. Diversity is a concept that has played a very important role in my life, especially growing up in a community that wasn’t very diverse and switching to a community that school system embraced diversity to the fullest. By having diversity introduced into my life though out my high school years I was able to expect change as an good thing and realize that race is a physical trait and doesn’t make you who you are, delvop an new thought process and new views and I was able to comfortably interact with people different from†¦show more content†¦In class I wouldn’t participle in classroom discussions and when it came to group project I would always work by myself. One day in was in this English class my teacher had us write a paper but we had to write about another student inside the class and we had to choose whom we had to write about by we picking names out a hat. I had got this white girl named Jen Hicks. The next day before class I went to my teacher to see if I can change my partner for the writing assignment. She had asked why but I didn’t want to tell her but moments later I expressed my concerns on how I feel uncomfortable around Jen because she was different from me. My teacher said sit and told me that there is nothing wrong with being a little different and that diversity is something that this school embraces. She also went on to say that even though there is a physical difference between the two we might I a lot in common, so give it a chance. When class began I was we got together with our partners and began to collet information about each other. When Jen and I got together there was kind of and awkward silence in the beginning but she started off my telling me that her birthday was December 3, 1994 and that she like rb and hip-hop and her favorite colors were yellow and green and so much more. This huge smile rushed across myShow MoreRelatedWhat Is Diversity?583 Words   |  2 Pagesincluding important things relating to our lives. After learning what diversity, culture, and the â€Å"-isms† of education really are, I have realized that people, who looked most different from me, have turned out to be the most similar to me. The â€Å"-isms† of education include racism, classism, gender and sexism, heterosexism and GLBTQI, disability and ableism, religious diversity, and linguistic diversity. One cannot define diversity without first defining culture. At the beginning of the semesterRead MoreDiversity Within The Workplace : What Is Diversity?1857 Words   |  8 PagesDiversity in the workplace What is diversity? Diversity in the workplace means having employees from a wide range of backgrounds. This can include having employees of different ages, gender, ethnicity, physical ability, sexual orientation, religious belief, work experience, educational background, and so on. Advantages of diversity If you have a diverse workplace in your business, you can benefit from the different talents, experiences and perspectives of your employees. Find out more about the advantagesRead MoreWhat Are Genetic Diversity?995 Words   |  4 Pagesmore different genes is not surprising. Genetic diversity can improve the lifespan of a population and individuals and protect the body from foreign substances. What is genetic diversity? Genetic diversity is the different level of genes in an individual. Genetic diversity, in a population, is the population contains most of one or more alternative forms of a gene that mutate at the same place on the chromosome (Paritsis). Furthermore, genetic diversity helps the population to adapt to the environmentRead MoreWhat Diversity Means to Me768 Words   |  4 PagesWhat Diversity means to me†¦ Diversity to me is the balance of different cultures, races, sexes, religion, appearance, sexual orientation, disabilities, and many more things. It’s the ability to look at someone else and to realize they are different but not treat as they are. The way you look at others and judge them could be the same way others look at you and judge you and make decisions based on what they do and do not like about you. You would not want someone to do this to you or to treat youRead MoreWhat Does Diversity Do With Ethics?1075 Words   |  5 PagesWhat Does Diversity Have to Do with Ethics? When contemplating the subject of diversity in relation to ethics, several questions may arise for the first-year counseling student. These inquiries may be broad or rather specific. Primarily, one may wonder if the topic of diversity itself is such a significant subject that it is outlined in a code of ethics. Secondarily, if diversity is addressed, is it treated as a singular subject or broadly covered under an umbrella of principles? ConsequentlyRead MoreWhat Does Culture And Diversity Mean?898 Words   |  4 Pagesbackgrounds and will consequently have diverse needs. Using critical theory and post-colonialism, this paper will focus upon how teachers’ intercultural sensitivities about difference and diversity (more specifically, cultural diversity) might impact upon students learning. What does culture and diversity mean? Culture is what, why and how we do things. The Cultural Competence: Guidelines and Protocols document describes culture as ‘the interplay of many elements which include behaviors, customs, beliefsRead MoreWhat Does Diversity Affect A College Or University?864 Words   |  4 PagesDo you know how diversity affects a college or university? Have you ever just wondered how diverse your college was? I have thought about his many times and think that Upike is a very diverse school. Upike is not only a great education provider but also a great example of diversity in central Appalachia because of the way this picture displays the enjoyment and happiness among students of different areas and ideas. Diversity, as defined in the Merriam Webster dictionary, is â€Å"The quality or stateRead MoreWhat Diversity and Multiculturalism Mean to Me Essay1364 Words   |  6 PagesWhat Diversity and Multiculturalism Mean to Me By David Meads What does Diversity and Multiculturalism mean to me? I believe that diversity has become so much more than just the basic qualities of race or gender. It now includes all qualities that make everyone unique, as individuals or as part of a larger group. It is also the acceptance, respect, and understanding of these unique qualities that makes diversity work in a given society. Multiculturalism is the system that is centered aroundRead MoreWhat Diversity Can Make Your Company?1435 Words   |  6 Pages Diversity in the Workplace Devany Irvin Over the course of time, people from many different cultures have migrated to the United States, making our nation and workforce a melting pot of languages. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, it is estimated that currently more than 300 languages are spoken in the United States. This makes it a daily challenge for companies who provide us with our daily needs and wants, it is evident that not all companies hire one person per everyRead MoreDiversity Of Thought And What A Person Looks Like Essay1238 Words   |  5 PagesDiversity of Thought Diversity in itself differs from diversity of thought. Diversity appeals more to what a person looks like. Diversity of thought appeals more to how a person thinks and processes information based on their perceptions and experiences. Diversity of thought is a process that involves how individuals think and formulate resolutions to challenges faced by their respective companies. â€Å"Looking diverse† is not enough. TCCC must make a commitment to being attentive by applying

Advertisements Are All around Us Essay - 869 Words

In today’s society, advertising plays a huge part of sale production around the world. Advertising is found in almost every place imaginable and where a person least expects it. Some advertisements are very noticeable and distinct, while others are very subtle yet the human eye tends to catch them. There are advertisements all around us which include signs, posters, news papers, Internet, television, movies and much more. Just take a look around and see how many ads can be found. On average, an American sees up to 3000 advertisements in one day.(ASP) I find this is somewhat believable because advertisements are everywhere. For instance, when I wake up in the morning, I sometimes hear the sound of my alarm radio advertising products,†¦show more content†¦Along the way, I see many signs that advertise for fast food joints such as Burger King, McDonalds, or Taco Bell. There are also road signs on the highway that advertise for these restaurants that give a list of all the dining facilities that will be present at the next exit. Not only are there road signs, but there are also giant billboards that advertise for these restaurants and different companies. The billboards say things like â€Å"Exit next 2 miles...McDonalds on your left† or â€Å"Can You Rise to the Challenge?...GoArmy.com.† The advertising just seems never ending†¦and right, it does not end there. When I arrive at school, it is more of the same, just looks a little different. I see college students holding cups or carrying bags with a fast food labels on them. I spot many different brand names on clothing, shoes and accessories. I also notice posters showing ads for companies and sometimes fliers are passed out to students with coupons that encourage them to buy certain products. There are many other advertisements I see around campus that I have not even begun to touch. Such as all the advertisements I see online whenever I log on theShow MoreRelatedGender Codes In Advertising Have Hugely Impacted My Own1305 Words   |  6 PagesGender codes in advertising have hugely impacted my own views and how I currently interact with friends, families, and even strangers that I see walking around on the streets. It is pointed out by Sut Jhally (2009) that the reason for this being, masculinity and femininity are strongly portrayed in advertisements as two completely opposite things. In most ads, men are shown as strong human beings with complete control of whatever problems may arise to them whereas women are shown the complete oppositeRead MoreGender Socialization : Social Expectations And Attitudes Associated With One s Gender1372 Words   |  6 Pagesacross advertisements, many of them revolve around gender and gender socialization. Gender socialization is â€Å"the process of learning the social expectations and attitudes associated with one’s gender† (Chegg). Our book discusses gender socialization regarding the expectations for masculinity and femininity (Wood 2015). Most companies use these expectations to create their advertisements, but some companies contradict the expectations to create a different vision for gender advertisements. The genderedRead MoreCoca Cola Is Better Than Pepsi1614 Words   |  7 Pagescola beverage brands around the world. Pepsi and Coca-Cola had been rivals when introduced respectively in the 1900s, trying to dominate the carbonated soft drink market. Through print ads and video ads, both brands were undergoing global advertising war trying to dominate each other. Between the two brands, Coca-Cola seem to be superior to Pepsi due to it’s creative advertisements that grabs consumer’s attention. Coca-Cola portrays rhetorical strategies within the advertisement to catch the audience’sRead MoreAdvertisements Are A Popular Display Of Marketing1480 Words   |  6 Pages Have you ever really looked at ads, though? I mean, if you look closely and I mean really look closely, advertisements aren’t what they appear to be, in most cases. Advertisements are a popular display of marketing and have been for decades and will be for decades to come. For as long as I can remember, advertisements have been a popular way of getting a message across. Whether they are simple or colorful, they catch the eye of someone that’s reading a magazine, or a newspaper. No matter how muchRead MoreWomens Clothing Advertisements Analysis789 Words   |  3 PagesA) The four advertisements I chose are all women’s clothing. The first pattern I noticed in the advertisements was that all four of them showcased just one woman by herself and the second pattern was that each woman had quite a bit of skin showing. In each of them they were doing something slightly different though. In the Bottega Veneta advertisement the woman is posing with her arm up and looking off at something out of the shot and her legs seem to be never ending and completely revealed. In theRead MoreShould Circus Be A Pernicious Performance?1231 Words   |  5 Pagesto the circus. Everyone loves seeing animals dance around and jump through hoops, watching the clowns do death defying stu nts, or even eating peanuts and popcorn. Hearing the crowd cheer, making memories with friends of loved ones. When we are growing up we are taken to the circus to feast our eyes on the so-called performance of a lifetime. Most people at some point in their lifetime have seen or heard of a performance put on by a circus. With all of these times spent admiring wonderful performancesRead MoreThis essay discusses how advertisement effects peoples lives1314 Words   |  6 PagesAs Americans we are exposed to advertisements everyday. People are pressured from every direction by advertisements which exploit their deepest fears, attractions, needs, and desires, shaping their behaviors, goals, and thoughts. They are led into believing false information and promises that are mostly never kept, all for the simple reason of selling the product and making profit. We see advertisements everywhere--in magazines and newspapers, on the radio, on TV, online, in the mail, even over theRead MoreAnalys is Of Jean Kilbourne s Video, Killing Us Softly 41485 Words   |  6 PagesKilling Us Softly 4, Jean expresses how advertisements have been portraying women as a sex symbol or even as just a typical housewife. She talks about how the advertisements have sold various products by not necessarily selling the product itself, but by using women or men to sell the product for them. Ad agencies have used sex and body image to create a type of selling factor for their product. These selling strategies have shaped the way society views women and how women are treated (Killing Us Softly)Read MoreEssay on The Media Should NOT Define our Self-Image694 Words   |  3 Pagesourselves? Everyday we turn on the television; we are subjected to advertisements about what we are supposed to be, what we are supposed to wear, and even what we are supposed to drive. Ultimately we choose the vehicles we drive, but the media has a huge influence on us. Three television advertisements reveal the vehicle s women and men are believed to drive. The Honda Odyssey is shown in advertisements with a woman driving around kids to their daily functions. The Ford F150 and the Chevy SilveradoRead MoreCase Study : The Real Living Magazine1204 Words   |  5 PagesPart A The source chosen for this analysis is a Mortein Advertisement that was published in the Real Living Magazine on January/February 2014. This advertisement explains about the need of a consumer to buy this Mortein Naturgard products to keep their house pest free. As is it shown on the advertisement this product is a 90% natural and a 100% easy solution to keep pest out of your way without having to use smelly fumes that can give unpleasant smell to your nose. There are two type of ways

Hedda Gabler Analysis Essay Example For Students

Hedda Gabler Analysis Essay Critical Analysis of Ibsens Hedda GablerA spider becomes caught in its own web. This is an example of an attempted manipulation that went awry. Hedda Gabler, by Henrik Ibsen, is a work about a woman who manipulates the fates of others in order to fulfill her own desires. The title character is a woman who has recently returned from a six month honeymoon with her groom, Tesman, a man whom she does not love. She yearns for freedom, but she feels as if she cannot leave her marriage. To occupy her time, she manipulates the lives of everyone around her. Hedda kills herself after becoming engorged in her own manipulations. Through the use of theme, setting, and then-current affairs, Ibsen produces a work that uniquely portrays the sources of the motivations of this manipulative woman. Whether it be the burning of her former loves manuscript or supplying him with the pistol to shoot himself, Heddas malevolence shows the ability of man to have total disregard for the life of another. Hedda c oldly manipulates the lives of everyone around her. Through these manipulative actions, she ruins the lives of all of her acquaintances. Because she is not happy in her marriage, she attempts to forbid anyone else to live a content life. For example, after she persuades Eljert Lovborg to consume alcohol, he ruins his reputation and loses something that is most precious to him: the manuscript of a book that he had been writing with Mrs. Elvsted. Although Hedda realizes the importance of this manuscript to both Lovborg and Mrs. Elvsted, she chars it. Because Lovborg and Mrs. Elvsted have put their souls into this manuscript, Hedda metaphorically relates her action to burning their child. This cold thoughtlessness demonstrates Heddas disregard for the life of a fellow human being. Heddas actions ultimately lead to her demise. After giving Lovborg her pistol and insinuating that he must kill himself, Heddas cruel intentions are finally revealed. Judge Brack learns of her dealings and, t hus, gains an opportunity to take advantage of this situation. When Hedda realizes that she will always be at the mercy of Judge Brack, she does the only thing she can do to escape this situation; she shoots herself. Throughout her manipulations, Hedda maintains a facade of innocence. Her truly malevolent nature, though, is displayed through her actions that relate this theme of mans inhumanity to man. One may be able to determine the cause for Heddas desire to manipulate when the setting is examined. The whole of the play occurs indoors. Therefore, Hedda is constantly submerged in a place in which she is unhappy. Because her husband Tesman is constantly occupied with other happenings, Hedda is left in a setting that lends itself to plans of manipulation. Heddas true dreams and aspirations are those of freedom and independence (Hemmer 2). Her setting however, is an antithesis to her proclivity. While Hedda maintains a desire to be free to do as she pleases, her situation is one in which she is confined in her home. Because she constantly remains in this monotonous setting, she occupies her time with scheming against everyone around her. This is perhaps the principal cause for Heddas manipulations. In addition to the setting, the time period in which Hedda Gabler was written is key to the background of Heddas manipulations. The late nineteenth century was a time for change for the women of the world. The womens suffrage movement brought forth the concept of the importance womans rights (Womens 1). Regarded by many as a feminist play, Hedda Gabler investigates the consequences of excessive feminism (Mazer 1). Hedda Gabler is portrayed as an extremely strong-willed woman. During the times in which this play is set, numerous womens rights and suffrage movements were occurring across the world. It can be inferred that Heddas assertive attitude is characteristic of the time period. To Hedda, it is preposterous that she would have to be under the power of a man. When Judge Brock implies that he will disavow all knowledge of the source of the gun that killed Lovborg if Hedda becomes subject to his will and demands (Ibsen 262). She states, No longer free! No! Thats a thought that Ill n ever endure! (Ibsen 262). At this time women across the world were adopting new ideas on their place in society. The atmosphere of the era provides an explanation of the source of Heddas manipulations. The three aspects that explain Heddas motivations for manipulation shed much light on Heddas overall desire for manipulation. Truthfully, Hedda desires to manipulate the lives of others because she cannot manipulate her own life. She does not want to remain in her marriage, but she lacks the courage to get out of it. Because of the times and her situation, she feels that she cannot leave her husband. It seems as if these manipulations are a sick form of entertainment for Hedda. One could regard this play as a purely feminist work or as the story of a woman who has no regard for human life. 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